Exceptionally, to facilitate the location of the runway this winter, the runway lights (ARCAL) can be remotely controlled even during the day.



If you have a problem with the Fuel Up Mobile fuel management system, please leave your contact details on the voicemail at 450 446-5931.


Snow removal

We remind you that the installations at the St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil aerodrome will be cleared of snow as usual.


The snow removal operation will be triggered when:

  • snowfall exceeds 5 centimeters;

  • the wind generates excessive snow accumulation and / or sometimes snow banks on the runway and taxiways.

Snow removal will generally be carried out between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. following an evening or night precipitation.

Snow removal will be carried out between 2 to 3 hours after the end of daytime precipitation.

There will be no snow removal operation during precipitation and / or when the flight conditions are IFR.


As in the last two years, we will carry out snow removal using a brigade of blower tractors (at least three tractors and more). The snow removal sequence is adjusted according to the wind direction:

Alpha- track - Bravo

Bravo- track- Alpha

followed by all taxiways and the tarmac.


We remind you that there is no icebreaking operation or runway sweeping at CSB3. Even well cleared of snow, the surface of the trail remains slippery and can develop a layer of ice.


The Corporation will not produce any runway condition report (RCR) at FIC Quebec level, or on its WEB site. Users of the trail are responsible for inquiring about its condition.


The operators of the sheds directly located on the edge of traffic lanes A, B, J, K, and M are advised not to dispose of their snow on the edge and / or on the traffic lanes. Imagine yourself in command of a low-wing aircraft, taxiing in February after a 20 cm broadside. You will understand this request! In the event of an extreme need to deposit snow at the edge of a traffic lane, please blow it out to reduce the volume and secure it to the ground.


Even if the runway and the taxiways will be cleared of snow as in previous years, at the request of FIC Québec, a NOTAM meaning “Limited winter maintenance” will be in effect throughout the winter of 2020-2021 since, the operator of CSB3 (SMB Airport Corporation) cannot guarantee and report at all times the condition of the runway and the snow removal facilities.


The “runway for CSB3” section in the flight supplement will eventually be revised.


Thank you for your collaboration.